How is the Renters Reform Bill going to affect Bournemouth landlords ?

News at Homes & Steeple | 13/04/2023

The renters reform bill is a new piece of legislation being proposed by the government. This new bill proposes a number of changes that could significantly affect Bournemouth landlords and their current rental agreements. It is the aim of the bill to protect the rights of renters and to ensure they are treated fairly, whilst also encouraging a competitive rental market.

The bill is made up of several main components, including a ban on ‘no-fault evictions’ and rent increases of more than inflation, plus a promise of secure tenancies for those who abide by the new rules.

The ban on no-fault evictions is designed to protect those in private rented accommodation, who currently have no protection against being forced to leave their homes without any reason being given. The Bill also proposes to bring back rent controls, which were brought to an end in the late 1990s, limiting rent increases that could be charged above the rate of inflation. This is an attempt to make rental prices more affordable, to encourage people to stay in the same property for longer and make renting a more secure option.

For Bournemouth landlords, this new bill could have a significant impact on how they operate. Firstly, any no-fault evictions that were in process before the bill comes into effect will become illegal. This means that landlords will no longer be able to evict tenants without providing a valid reason for doing so. It could also mean that landlords could be faced with lengthier and more stringent court proceedings to prove their case.

In addition, Landlords will also have to abide by the proposed rent controls. This means that rent increases above the rate of inflation will have to be clearly justified in the rent agreement and any rises will now be capped. This could prove tricky for landlords as it could limit their capacity to increase rental incomes.

Finally, the Bill also proposes introducing secure tenancies for those in private rental accommodation, who have fulfilled the conditions of their tenancy, such as paying rent and bills on time and abiding by any other rules. Tenants will be able to stay in the same property for a longer period of time, providing further security and stability.

Overall, it is clear that the Renters Reform Bill could have a significant impact on Bournemouth landlords. Whilst the changes proposed in the Bill are designed to benefit those in the private rental market and make the situation fairer and more secure, they could also present landlords with some difficult and challenging decisions to make. Ultimately, their success in navigating these new regulations and adapting their current agreements will depend on their strategic management of their rental properties and the agreements they make with their tenants.