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Will the Election Affect House Prices in Bournemouth, Poo...


As the nation gears up for the upcoming election, potential homeowners and Buy to Let investors are left pondering one crucial question: How will t...

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Will 20 mph road speed limit in certain areas of Bournemo...


The recent introduction of a 20 mph road speed limit in certain areas of Bournemouth has sparked a lot of discussion among homeowners and potential...

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If you're struggling to sell your home in Bournemouth, do...


If you're struggling to sell your home in Bournemouth, don't worry - there are a few key home improvements you can make to help attract potential b...

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Does Buy To Let in Bournemouth still work for part time l...


As the property market in Bournemouth continues to thrive, many small-scale investors wonder if it is still possible to make money as a landlord wi...

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Is Bournemouth still a good place to invest in Student pr...


In recent years, student houses in Bournemouth have been a popular investment choice for many individuals looking to capitalise on the towns thrivi...

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In Defence of Section 21


In this short article, we look at the pros and cons of Section 21 notices and urge careful consideration as the government seek to end their use.

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Where can First time buyers find Cheaper properties in Bo...


Where can First Time Buyers find cheaper properties in the Bournemouth Area. In this short article we look at some of the cheaper suburbs and what...

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Rents Up / House prices down


The property market in the Bournemouth area has seen significant changes in the last year, with both private rents and house prices experiencing fl...

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Since 2004 House prices in Bournemouth have seen a stagge...


Since 2004 House prices in Bournemouth have seen a staggering increase of 83.6%, while flat prices have only risen by 44.6%. In this short article ...

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Why are Bournemouth Town Centre Property prices down 3% o...


Property Prices in Bournemouth town centre are down 3% on last year. The presence of closed shops, visible homelessness, and beggars in Bournemouth...

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Reviewing the Bournemouth Rental Market


The Bournemouth rental market is currently experiencing some interesting trends that are worth noting for both landlords and tenants alike. Accordi...

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A new Build to Rent PRS (BTR) block of 212 homes is curre...


A new Build to Rent PRS (BTR) block of 212 homes is currently being built on Bath Road, offering significant opportunities to complement existing h...

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Analysing Property Growth Trends in Bournemouth: February...


Analyzing Property Growth Trends in Bournemouth: February 2024

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Maximize Your Sale: Uncover Why February Might Be the Rea...


When it comes to selling properties in Bournemouth, Dorset, timing is everything. Many sellers often overlook February as a prime month to list the...

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Bournemouth Property Update - December 23


A Bournemouth property market update for December

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Bournemouth's Best Streets for an Autumn Walk:


As the leaves turn from verdant green to fiery shades of red, orange, and gold, Bournemouth's streets come alive with the vibrant colours of autumn...

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Is Bournemouth still a good place to invest in property ?


The Bournemouth rental market has long been an attractive investment opportunity for landlords, and in 2023, it continues to thrive. This article a...

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Moving into a rental property in Bournemouth can be an ex...


Moving into a rental property in Bournemouth can be an exciting yet daunting task. Here are five invaluable tips to guide students on a seamless tr...

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Bournemouth July Property Update 


July Property Update - The Impact of Interest Rates on Property Sales: in Bournemouth When interest rates rise, it becomes more expensive for pote...

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Effective Strategies for Bournemouth Property Owners Amid...


In times of interest rate rises, it is natural to feel stressed and overwhelmed. However, there are strategies that can help you cope with these ch...

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Rising Interest Rates and the Domino Effect on Raising Re...


This article looks at rising interest rates and the domino effect of raising rents and asks is there anything Bournemouth landlords can do.

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Is Bournemouth still just for old people ? In this articl...


Is Bournemouth still just for old people ? In this article we look at the changing demographics of the town and its overall future.

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Which addresses in Bournemouth have royal connections ?


This weekend sees the Coronation of King Charles the 3rd. Does your street in Bournemouth have a Royal connection ?

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Register with us to get the first information about Bourn...


Finding a property in the Bournemouth area that allows a dog can be a difficult and frustrating experience. At Homes & Steeple, we understand the d...

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Should I buy an apartment with a Sea View in Bournemouth


A lot of people dream of retiring to a Bournemouth home with a sea view In this short article, we look at the pros and cons of buying an apartment ...

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How to Spot if someone is serious about buying your Bourn...


When selling a property in Bournemouth, one of the biggest concerns for homeowners is dealing with buyers who are not serious about purchasing thei...

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How to prepare for End of Tenancy inspection in Bournemouth


With the end of tenancy period approaching for many Bournemouth tenants, now is the time to start preparing for the end of tenancy inspection. This...

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How is the Renters Reform Bill going to affect Bournemout...


This new bill is going to change the way landlords do business. Anyone renting out a property in Bournemouth should make themselves aware of the ch...

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Is Spring The Best Time to Market A Rental Property


A short article that explains why Spring is such a good time to market your Bournemouth Rental Property.

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Selling Your Investment property in an unsettled market


Selling an investment property in an unsettled market can be a difficult and daunting task. This article offers some advice on how to get your prop...

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Would rent controls work in Bournemouth?


Would a cap on rent prices work in Bournemouth, in this short article we look to find an answer.

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Why is there a shortage of rental property in Bournemouth ?


In recent years, Bournemouth has experienced a steep rise in the demand for rental properties but has seen a sharp decline in rental property avail...

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5 Ways to increase your rental yeild


In this short article, we'll look at 5 ways you can increase your rental yield despite the current climate. We'll start to explore strategies such ...

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Wages rising by 8.3%pa -how will this affect the Bournemo...


With wages rising by 8.3% pa and inflation on the rise, how will this affect the Bournemouth property market and the value of your Bournemouth home...

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Why Are More Bournemouth OAP Homeowners Deciding Not to M...


Homeowners over 65yo make up 31% of all the owned homes in the UK, yet since the pandemic, the tendency of OAPs to move home has significantly redu...

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Bournemouth House prices up by 1%


With Rightmove announcing a national drop in average asking prices in August, some are asking if the steam has been let out of the Bournemouth prop...

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Bournemouth Homeowners Have Turned to the Rental Market t...


With UK house prices rising by 13.2% in the last 12 months, many Bournemouth homebuyers have chosen to move into rented accommodation. In this arti...

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How many days does it take to sell a Bournemouth home ?


With Bournemouth homes only taking 23 days to sell, there are many stories of people missing out on properties before they even come onto the marke...

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.Bournemouth's Love( and Hate) Affair with the Semi-Detac...


The British Love (and Hate) Affair with the Semi-Detached House has been an up and down matter for a couple of centuries. In this article, I loo...

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Why Savvy Bournemouth Buy- to Let Landlords Don't use 10 ...


Many Bournemouth buy-to-let landlords fell into property investing by accident. Many didn’t want to sell their family home when the Bournemouth ho...

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Bournemouth Homeowners Profit by £52,120 in Last Five years


Buying your own Bournemouth home has always been seen as a good investment, yet with the rise of crypto currency such as bitcoin making eye waterin...

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Is Bournemouth Heading Towards a House Price Crash ?


The Bournemouth property market has been booming since late Spring 2020. Yet if history has taught us anything, a house price crash is likely to fo...

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Bournemouth landlords owed £6,828,562 in Unpaid Rent


Bournemouth buy-to-let landlords are owed £6,828,562 in unpaid rent by their tenants. Who is to blame? Could Bournemouth landlords have done mor...

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How Eco-friendly are Bournemouth Homes?


How Eco-friendly are Bournemouth Homes? And how new Gov’t rules will mean draughty low-eco Bournemouth homes will drop in value

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Your Great-Great Bournemouth Grandfather Would Have Only ...


Your Great-Great Grandfather would have only paid £272 12s 7d for his Grantham home in 1871. Yet property is still relatively cheaper today when co...

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1,054 rental properties in Bournemouth, Christchurch and ...


39.7% of Bournemouth Landlords Could be Fined £5,000 each with new Energy Regs … whilst possible new mortgage rules for Bournemouth homeowners ...

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Will the Bournemouth Property Market Continue to Boom ?


Will the Bournemouth Property Market continue to boom? All the signs are that the Bournemouth housing market is sat on good foundations, yet o...

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Bournemouth Buy-to-Let Property Market Going into Crisis


Is the Bournemouth buy-to-let property market going into crisis? With Bournemouth first-time buyers now only needing a 5% deposit for a mortgage, w...

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Panic Buying in Bournemouth


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Over 1 in 3 Bournemouth Properties Being Sold with No Chain


Over 1 in 3 Bournemouth properties are currently being sold with no-chain. Why are so many Bournemouth property owners selling without a chain? Is...

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A look back at the Bournemouth housing market over the la...


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Bournemouth Property Market improved by 46.6% over pre-pa...


The Bournemouth property market has improved by 50.1% over pre-pandemic levels, so we have to ask if there has there ever been a better time for Bo...

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Bournemouth First-Time Buyers Can Now Buy Using 5% Depos...


Bournemouth first-time buyers can now buy their first Bournemouth home using 5% deposit mortgages. Yet higher mortgage rates could see Bournemouth ...

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Bournemouth Home Buyers Windfall


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The Busiest December for the Bournemouth Housing Market S...


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Half of Bournemouth Homeowners Move Again Within 5 Years ...


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Is it time to stamp out stamp duty?


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27,488 Bournemouth Homeowners to be ‘Unchained’ from Toxi...


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How Will the Brexit Deal Affect Bournemouth House Prices ...


How will the Brexit deal affect Bournemouth house prices and your mortgage payments on your Bournemouth home? With Boris Johnson conclusively agree...

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As Unemployment hits 6.2% in Bournemouth, What Effect Wi...


As Unemployment hits 6.2% in Bournemouth, what effect will this have on the Bournemouth Property Market in 2021? 12 months ago, the unemployment ra...

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Property Crash in 2021?


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Bournemouth Landlords and Second Homeowners will Probably...


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2020 Review of the Bournemouth Property Market


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Bournemouth Rents Have Risen by 6.3%


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Each Bournemouth Landlord Could be Hit By a £37,257 Bill


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Bournemouth House prices 2021


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Bournemouth Homebuyers Have Saved £757,980 Thanks to the ...


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Bournemouth’s ‘Generation Rent’ to Become ‘Generation Buy’?


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This week’s article on the Bournemouth property market co...


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Why Are Some Banks Reining In Over-Enthusiastic Bournemou...


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3 Reasons That Will Make You Want to Stop Being a Bournem...


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The Bournemouth Property Market Post-Lockdown - the First...


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Bournemouth Millennial's Moving Back in with Mum & Dad


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Trapped Landlords


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1900 Bournemouth Properties Sold


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Where are the Students ?


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