Guaranteed Rent

Get the financial security you need as a landlord. With Homes & Steeple's Guaranteed Rent Scheme, you can rest easy knowing that you'll still get your rental income even if your tenant doesn't pay up. No more worrying about rent arrears or having to take additional cover - we'll take care of it for you! Plus, our fee-free competitive monthly rental incomes are guaranteed to give you the peace of mind and financial security you need.

Guaranteed rent is an innovative solution that offers landlords a continuous rental income with no void periods and zero fees or commissions. This type of rental agreement allows landlords to maximise their profits, steady cash flow, and peace of mind. It also provides tenants with a secure and reliable home for the duration of their tenancy.

Guaranteed rent is becoming increasingly popular amongst landlords looking to reduce the risk associated with renting out their properties. By signing up for a guaranteed rent scheme, they are able to benefit from regular income without the worry of tenant turnover or late rental payments. This type of agreement can also helps tenants feel more secure in their homes as they know that they will not be asked to leave at short notice if the landlord decides to sell or let out the property again.

Overall, guaranteed rent is an attractive option for both landlords and tenants alike as it ensures a steady income for the former and security for the latter.

Invest in your future & get the security you need with Homes & Steeple's Guaranteed Rent Scheme. With our no-fee, competitive monthly rental income plan, you can rest easy knowing that we'll cover rent arrears & guarantee your rental income—no matter what. Let us take the hassle and worry out of property ownership so you can focus on more important things!

Case Studies

Jeremy - A block of four flats in the town centre , An owner of a block of four flats in the town centre. As a busy business owner, Jeremy had limited time and resources to manage his property. In order to make sure that his tenants were happy and that his property was well maintained, he decided to use our guaranteed rent service .We have agreed a fixed fee for the whole building and also look after the communal areas.

Grahame - Owns a two bedroom house and wants the security of knowing that rent would be paid every month even if the tenants hadn’t paid or if his house is empty.

I have benefited from Homes and Steeples' guaranteed rent scheme for my letting property, for the last eight years. Throughout they have provided excellent service in all ways.” Grahame B

Carol - Our client lives in the same building as her two investment flats and was looking for a way to ensure she had a steady income stream from her investments. By opting for our guaranteed rent service, she was able to rest assured that she would receive a fixed rental income each month, no matter what happened in the rental market. . She also didn’t want her tenants to know that she also lived in the building as she was worried that they would knock on her door to report maintenance issues.