Guaranteed Rent

We can provide a guaranteed rental income for your property.

Did you know that recent changes in legislation, mean that if tenants don’t pay the rent. Its six months, before landlords can start eviction proceedings ?

This is proving to be a nightmare, for many Bournemouth landlords, who rely on the income from their properties or are trapped into paying for mortgages and service charges. With our guaranteed rent scheme its covered. Our fee-free competitive monthly rental income is paid in advance with no void periods. Even if your property is empty or the tenants haven’t paid the rent

Unlike some insurance backed policies touted by other agents, we will pay the money ourselves, no quibbling, or delays. There are none of the setup fees normally associated with renting a property, like inventories, referencing or deposit registration, just a guaranteed payment made in the first few days of the month

Quite simply, it’s the most reliable way to let your property.

The benefits of our Guaranteed Rent Scheme :-

  • No loss of rental income. Just guaranteed fixed monthly rent for up to 24 months.
  • No costly void periods – your rent is paid even when your property is unoccupied.
  • No set up fees.
  • A smooth, straightforward and reliable full letting and management service.
  • No hidden costs.
  • No more hours lost dealing with viewings and lettings.
  • A dedicated property management team on hand to deal with any maintenance or tenant issues on a day-to-day basis.
  • A full maintenance and repair service.
  • Regular property inspections.
  • No risk of tenant rent arrears.
  • Protection against tenant damage.
  • Prompt electronic monthly payment of your rent.
  • Your property returned in its original condition (*subject to fair wear and tear)

How does it work ?

We will visit your property and assess it for how much we think it will rent for in the current market. If our offer is acceptable then we start to look for suitable tenants or match the property with applicants we have already registered We often get asked what is the catch? The answer is there is not one – The price we quote is normally the gross rent figure, we think the property will rent for minus 20%. So, if your flat is going to rent for a £1000pcm, we pay £800pcm.

Simple really!