Is Bournemouth still just for old people ? In this article we look at the changing demographics of the town and its overall future.

News at Homes & Steeple | 23/06/2023

Bournemouth has long been renowned as a popular retirement destination. Jim Davidson once said everyone was so old that even the shop windows are bifocal. However, recent changes in demographics have transformed its property market landscape, making it an attractive destination for young professionals as well. As Bournemouth continues to evolve, embracing the growing diversity of its population, these changes will have far-reaching implications for property developers, local businesses, and the town's overall future.

This shift towards a younger demographic is partly driven by Bournemouth's burgeoning tech scene, resulting in a surge of demand for modern housing solutions. Entrepreneurs and talented professionals are relocating to the area, attracted by career opportunities and the promise of a better work-life balance. Consequently, property developers are investing heavily in upmarket residential projects suited to the tastes and lifestyle requirements of this young and affluent clientele.

Another contributing factor to the changing demographics is Bournemouth's increasing competition with Brighton as a student hub. The town is home to two reputable universities, which further facilitate the influx of young graduates and professionals seeking long-term living arrangements. This has invigorated the local rental market, opening the doors for landlords and property managers to capitalize on a steady, demand-driven rental economy.

As Bournemouth's demographic mix continues to diversify, local businesses stand to benefit. In response to the shifting population profile, an assortment of niche establishments have sprung up, catering to the tastes and preferences of the younger generation. Established businesses in the area have also adapted, embracing contemporary trends and reinventing themselves to remain relevant.

The changing demographics have led to a multi-generational property market, creating a compelling tapestry in which Bournemouth's future prosperity hinges on harmony and integration between different age groups. This transformation also presents a unique opportunity for regeneration schemes in the town, with the potential to shape Bournemouth into a world-class destination that attracts visitors and residents alike.

In conclusion, the shift in Bournemouth's property market towards a more youthful clientele has created exciting opportunities for property developers and local businesses, while enhancing its appeal as a dynamic, forward-thinking town. By balancing the needs of its diverse population, Bournemouth is poised to usher in a new era of growth and prosperity