Bournemouth July Property Update 

News at Homes & Steeple | 07/07/2023

Bournemouth July Property Update 

Unraveling the Impact of Interest Rates on Property Sales and Rents in Bournemouth


Bournemouth has witnessed a peculiar phenomenon where property sales are slowing down while rental prices continue to rise. The driving force behind this intriguing market behavior lies in the fluctuating interest rates. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why interest rates play a significant role in shaping the property market dynamics in Bournemouth.

1. The Impact of Interest Rates on Property Sales:

When interest rates rise, it becomes more expensive for potential homebuyers to secure a mortgage. Consequently, this hikes up the cost of borrowing, lowering the purchasing power of aspiring homeowners. Many potential buyers may either delay their plans or reconsider buying altogether, leading to a slowdown in property sales. Bournemouth, like any other market, experiences this phenomenon when interest rates start to creep up.

2. Decreased Affordability and Lower Demand:

Higher mortgage rates directly impact the affordability of properties, and potential buyers find it harder to qualify for loans. This reduced affordability significantly lowers demand for homes, as buyers are discouraged by higher interest payments. As a result, property sales in Bournemouth slow down, affecting the overall market activity.

3. Shifting Focus towards Rentals:

With property sales losing their allure, the rental market in Bournemouth starts to gain momentum. As prospective homeowners face difficulties securing mortgage loans, they turn to rentals as a more feasible alternative. This shift in demand drives up rental prices. Landlords can take advantage of the increased demand to maximize rental income, capitalizing on the reduced buying activity.

4. Property Investors and Buy-to-Let Market:

The scenario of rising rental demand and slowing property sales tends to attract property investors to the market. Investors recognize the opportunity to capitalize on the high demand for rental properties and the potential for increased rental incomes. With fewer people buying properties, it becomes an opportune time for investors to acquire properties for buy-to-let purposes, adding upward pressure to the rental market.

5. Regional Factors and Demand-Supply Dynamics:

Apart from interest rates, other regional factors contribute to Bournemouth's unique property market behavior. The town's desirability, popular seaside location, and limited housing supply also play a role in influencing the dynamics. Bournemouth's limited housing supply contributes to increased competition for rentals, thereby pushing up rental prices despite the slump in property sales.


The interaction between interest rates and property sales in Bournemouth is a complex one. Higher interest rates make it more expensive for individuals to secure mortgage loans, resulting in decreased purchasing power and a slowdown in property sales. However, this phenomenon brings forth increased rental demand, leading to a surge in rental prices. These factors, combined with regional factors and limited housing supply, create the unique property market dynamics observed in Bournemouth. It is essential for potential buyers, investors, and renters to carefully analyze these factors to make informed decisions in this ever-evolving market.

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